At the area of the Modliborzyce Borough there is one big school for all ages students called Zespół Szkół w Modliborzycach. This school consists of three other schools: The Primary School, The Grammar School and The Secondary School.

This summary

In the Primary School there are 249 students. Education starts from the age of seven and ends at the age of eleven. There are six classes. Each class is divided into two division called "A" and "B".

From class one to two students learn in "integrated education". It means that lessons are not divided into particular subjects. Students are taught chosen parts of different subjects (Maths, Polish Language, Geography, Biology, Technology, History) and necessarily- such as reading, writing, painting, cooking and etc. - by one teacher. The exceptions are English, Music, Art, Religious Studies and Physical Education. English is taught two hours a week for three years. From class four the particular subjects are introduced in the process of education. In class five and six students have English three hours a week.

There is a modern dentist`s surgery in the school where children can be given treatment for free, within the framework of health insurance. There is also a nurse surgery where students can use free basic medical care.

All pupils can improve their computer skills in two modern internet classroms which both have Internet access. Students can use of over one hundred CDs available in the library, including an encyclopedia, an atlas and others. It facilities were modernized two years ago . All children have Information Technology in class 4 but there is also possible to improve computer skills and knowledge of other subjects by using computers and the internet after lessons within the framework of extra periods.

Students can have extra classes of other subjects such as English, Geography, Russian, Biology and Physics.

Extra English periods, which take place after school, are organized for children who want to deepen their familiarity with English and for ones who have difficulty with this language. An English classroom is equipped with different educational teaching aids such as a television, a DVD player, dictionaries, CD and cassettes players, books, comics, CDs etc. Every student can choose the most suitable learning strategies they prefer. Student can use the Internet classrooms to improve their English as well.

There is also a library with a large book collection and a large number of CDs for different subjects and fifteen computers which have a good selection of modern software. Every one has possibilities to find all information they need.

Students participate in editing the school newspaper by writing articles, interviewing with interesting people and running their own poems and short stories.

Teaching personnel consist of 25 well educated teachers. Every student can always count on professional help and care.

The building of the school was redecorated two years ago. The new roof and new windows were fitted in the classroms and the corridors. The school canteen was equipped with new cook equipment . The floors of the classrooms, corridors and toilets were laid with tiles and terracotta.